Naruto's 10 Sickest Fights

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Cue the dramatic guitar riffs, because we’re getting ready to take a look at some of the best battles in the history of Naruto. Of course, our favorite Uzumaki has faced off against some truly top tier foes over the years, but it’s hard to beat the ultimate match between rivals he had against Sasuke Uchiha. Unless, of course you’re thinking of the brotherly beat ‘em up between Itachi Uchicha and his younger brother. Rock Lee may not have access to as many moves as the others, but he made us proud when he stood strong against the jinchuuriki Gaara. . .well, at least until he was defeated. And of course, who could forget one of the sickest fights, when it took the Shinobi Alliance to even stand a chance of defeating Madara Uchiha. The sage Jiraiya and his longtime associate Tsunade had an amazing match against the villain Orochimaru, and Kakashi Hatake went all out in his brawl with Obito Uchiha. This anime definitely isn’t short on battle scenes, but we managed to pick out some of the very greatest of them all to remind you what makes this show so great.

Did your favorite skirmish in this classic shonen make our list? Make sure to let us know which shinobi showdown you liked the best in the comment section below and don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up, click on the subscribe button, and turn on your notifications for more of the latest and greatest videos from us here at CBR.

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