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Monkey and The Bird Story Song | Cartoon Stories for Children | Story Songs for Kids.

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Story Lyrics:
This short story is quite interesting for all people. Enjoy reading this short story.
On a mango tree in a jungle
there lived many birds
Before the rainy season
All the animals repaired their homes
Many birds brought twigs and leaves and others wove their nests.
They also collected food, enough for the rainy season
Soon the rain s came,
Followed by a loud thunder
All the animals and birds
stayed in their homes
One day a wet Monkey, came into the forest
He sat on a branch, shivering with cold,
The poor monkey tried his best
to get shelter, but was in vain
The leaves were not enough
to save him from the rains (“Brrr! It is so cold!")
The birds were watching all this. but there was little they could do for him
One of them said, “Brother! Our small nests are not enough to give you shelter."
Another bird said, “All of us prepared for the rainy season. If you had, you would not
be in this piteous situation."
“How dare you tell me what to do?" said the monkey, growling at the bird. The
monkey angrily pounced on the bird’s nest, tore it and threw it on the ground. The
bird and her chicks were helpless.
The poor bird thought, “Fools never value good advice. It is better not to advise

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